Staying healthy is not the most difficult thing you’ll ever do, Every woman should make time for a healthy examination that can detect potential problems early. 

Screening for breast cancer

The risk for breast cancer increases with age. Most breast cancers are diagnosed after age 20, So every woman should have a mammogram every two years.

If you have a family history of the disease or other concerns, talk to your doctor about starting annual screening earlier.

Cervical cancer screening: 

Cervical cancer screening is an important part of routine health care for every woman exceeding 21 years old 

The goal of screening for cervical cancer is to find precancerous cervical cell changes early to  prevent cervical cancer from developing

Thyroid examination

Women, especially those over 60, should have regular thyroid examinations because they are more likely than men to develop thyroid diseases.

Examination of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and arthritis To meet the challenges of the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, every woman should check-ups regularly, especially if there is any family history of infection, or if the woman suffers from excessive weight or follows an unhealthy lifestyle.

Iron Test 

symptoms of iron levels that are too low or too high may cause many diseases. Therefore, Iron examination must be done as part of the periodic examinations of women.

Vitamin D Test 

Because women are less exposed to sunshine They are more susceptible to vitamin D deficiency, and We know that low vitamin D levels are a risk factor for many diseases.

So, checking vitamin D deficiency is considered one of the most important periodic check-ups for women.

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